March 21, 2008 - Mingling for the Middle-Aged

Why is it that everytime you go out for a night on the town, lounges, clubs and bars are littered with college students and 20 somethings? It seems that the nightlife scene just keeps getting younger.


So where does a single of a certain age go to meet someone their own age? Sexty Sex Lounge in Marquette Park in Chicago is the dance club for friendly and lively middle-agers. Rather than squeezing past dozens of frat boys and waif-like youngsters who barely look of age, you have room to breathe. Dance to the R and B and 70s soul tunes the DJ plays and start socializing.

Being middle-aged is sexy and no place knows it better than Sexty Sex Lounge. Sexty Sex Lounge is located at 6601 S. Western Ave. For more information, visit