April 15, 2008 - Face Up

Connect with your partner this evening by treating them to an at-home facial.


This facial is in the form of a massage that will relax and soothe into complete tranquility. Massaging the upper face and eye area also helps relieve eye problems, headaches and sinus congestion.

Simply follow these steps:

-Glide across the eyebrows with your thumbs or fingers from the center to the temples. When massaging with your htumbs, brace your fingers along the sides of the receiver's face, fingers toward the chin.

-Complete the stroke at the temples, circling in the shallow dips for 5 to 10 rotations.

-Repeat 3 times.

-Starting just above the brows, glide across the forehead from the center to the temples, moving your thumbs up the forehead on each stroke until you reach the hairline.

-Place your hands in prayer position, with the base of your palms resting on the receiver's forehead.

-Press down and slide your palms in opposite directions along the receiver's forehead. Keep your fingertips together.

-Finish the stroke by sliding your fingertips from the center to the temples.

Consider using a cream blended especially for facial massage for added pleasure. Allow your partner to lay back, relax and enjoy the surprising and soothing treat.

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