April 9, 2008 - Fresh Feet

Turn foul feet into fresh ones. For those with a foot fetish, give your partner the gift of fragrant footing.

Fragrance Rush is a cushion that brings fine oils to your feet. Insert the cushion into your shoe and every time friction takes place or you take a step, the cushion releases bursts of aromas. Available scents are Garden Party Lemon, Kiss me Till Morning Mint and Bare Shoulder Smolder Jasmine.

The peel-and-stick cushion stays firmly in place and leaves no residue on your shoes. This is a quick fix for a sweaty or odorous foot. Walking on the cushion all day will leave you with deliciously-scented, sexy feet. Cushions fit in all styles of shoes.

To purchase Fragrance Rush, visit SummerSoles.com.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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