April 2, 2008 - From Russia with Love

Remember matryoshka dolls? These were the little Russian nesting or stacking dolls, which were probably a gift from your grandmother when you were just a girl. You disassemble one large doll to find another, and another and so on.

You may be an adult now, but that does not mean you are too old for dolls. Add this version of the Matryoshka to your collection: The Naked Lady Matryoshka.

The traditional nesting doll is a robust, conservatively-dressed, Russian woman painted on the wooden figure, but this one has a woman posing in the nude.

This is a sexy, novelty gift for a friend or a shocking trinket for display in your home. Another nesting doll available is The Stripping Matryoshka who sheds an item of clothing with each wooden figure you open.

To purchase one of these babushkas, visit BabooshkaShop.co.uk.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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