March 27, 2008 - Breakfast for Supper
Five-star restaurants with their tiny portions and high prices? Feh. No need to spend a fortune just to have a romantic evening out. The most romantic suppers are those that are off the beaten path, creative and of course, fun.

Ditch the foie gras. Bring on the french toast and the flapjacks. Try a breakfast for dinner date. Breakfast fare at dinnertime is a little unusual, which makes it all the more interesting. Plus, breakfast food tends to be a bit cheaper and not as stuffy.

Try the newly opened Rosscoe's in Chicago to get your breakfast fix. Rosscoe's serves up large plates of chicken and waffles, whole wheat flapjacks and turkey sausage and eggs. Rosscoe's offers a combo of comfort foods, smooth jazz and candlelight to set the mood. Rosscoe's is located at 3947 S. King Drive. For more information, call 773-536-3300.

If you do not live in the Chicago area, stop by any local diner for a breakfast dinner. This is one idea that may just guarantee a second date. .


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She can't orgasm
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