Should I wait for him?
ImageI have known this guy for two years and he is my best friend. The thing is, I fell in love with him. He has a girlfriend and she broke up with him two times and the second time I asked him out. We went out and we tried to kiss, but we couldn't as it was too awkward. I could tell he was attached to his ex-girlfriend because he would hang on her and when they got back together, they started getting more serious and they had sex. I am still in love with him. I want him to know that ,but he is planning to marry her. We still hang out a lot though. We play pool at this pizza place, we went to the movies together once and I even went to his house to play video games. I don't even like him as a friend anymore. I want more, but he just wants to be friends. His girlfriend doesn't even show him affection. Is there a possibility that he may like me because we even have our own friend handshake? What should I do? Should I just wait or do something? My mom has talked to his dad and his dad told my mom he talks about me more than his girlfriend. However, he and his girlfriend are getting married three years from now. Is there any advice you can give me?

ImageHe likes you, but he loves her. And you say she gives him no attention, but they’re having sex, which is certainly attention. It seems she’s agreed to marry him, though I wouldn’t bet on that happening. He’s confused, but you know what? It’s possible that he could split up with that girlfriend and still not want to have a romantic relationship with you. You can’t wait around. What you should do is talk to him. Tell him that your feelings for him are very strong and that if he can’t reciprocate, which you understand, then you really can’t be friends because it’s hurting you too much to be around him all the time.

And it will hurt you even more to say this and stop seeing him, but that way, after some time has passed, your heart will be free to find someone else who will love you back. As long as you allow yourself to maintain a hope that one day he’ll be yours, you’re going to be miserable. So you need to gather up your courage and move on. Soon there’ll be someone else in your life, hopefully someone completely unattached this time, and you’ll be fine.

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She can't orgasm
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