Does a problem inside the bedroom mean we have problems outside the bedroom?
ImageI told my partner that a poor sexual relationship means there are problems outside the bedroom. Am I correct? We don't agree on sexual issues.


ImageYou are not correct. You are two individuals with many differences. If you liked your steak cooked rare while your partner preferred it very well done, you wouldn’t imply that there was a problem in the relationship, would you? On many issues regarding sex, the same logic applies. Just because one party has a stronger or weaker libido, desire for sex doesn’t mean that the relationship has any problems.  Of course if there are problems with the relationship, that is going to affect your sexual relationship. It’s possible that one partner is avoiding sex because of a relationship problem.  So a difference in sexual appetites could be a sign of a bigger problem, but I don’t want you, or anyone reading this, to think that it automatically has to be. If both parties, after an honest assessment, agree that their relationship is fine, then a difference in sexual appetite is just that, a difference in sexual appetite and nothing more.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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