March 17, 2008 - A French Fetish

The French maid has served as one of the most popular, provocative fetishes for ages. Whether it is the short, clingy dress or the plunging, lacey neckline, many see the French Maid as the sexiest of costumes. It's too bad not everyone has access to their own personal French Maid.

Or do they? The M4125 Maid Case allows you to have your own maid to keep your personals from gathering dust, like your personal computer, for example. The case looks like a French Maid from the waist down, but functions as a carrier and protector of your PC. It is complete with the traditional skirt, white stockings and a white, lacey apron.

She will keeps things tidy and dust-free just for you. However, the case runs for a whopping $499. At this price, the French Maid will probably remain a distant fantasy. Nevertheless, if you have the cash to shell out on the case, purchase one online at

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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