Why Does My Wife Want To Get Back at Me?

ImageI had gotten friendly with one of my wife's friends and continued speaking with her online after my wife asked me not to. I was wrong because I talked about problems with her I didn't discuss with my wife. This is the second time something like this happened within the past 15 years and my wife thinks we were screwing around. This didn't happen however it could have lead to that in the future if we continued.

However she is determined to get me back and she tells me now she is going out and going to get screwed by a complete stranger to get me back. Do I just let her do this and not say anything or do I argue with her. I love her very much and I don't know what to do. We have been married for 18 years and am the only man my wife has ever been with is me. Do you have any advice? If you think this will solve the problem I will let her.

ImageIn my opinion your wife does not want to cheat on you. She is angry and she said that to get back at you, but I don’t believe that after 18 years of marriage she would just jump into bed with the first man who says yes. But though she may not want to do it, she might if you ignore her. You have to continue to apologize to her for your actions and show her in word and deed that you do love her. I think if you do that, she’ll soon forget about this threat. 

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She can't orgasm
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