March 11, 2008 - Sweet Spot


You need something that is really going to hit that special spot- something that really makes you tingle. Not just anything will do it. This time, I'm referring to your sweet spot.

Satisfy your craving by indulging in the three C's: chocolate, coffee and cocktails. You can find all three at the Washington D.C. lounge, co co.sala, scheduled to open in mid-March. Peruse the display cases full of sweets, select one and have it delivered right to your table.

If you need to be stimulated to put you in the mood, watch pastry chefs craft their perfect confections through a glass-plate window. Taste and then devour your dessert, savoring every bite and washing it down with a sugary cocktail.

Once you get your sugar high, dance the night away to the music blaring from the house DJ booth. This sexy lounge will provide you with an evening of indulgence, satisfaction and a sweet, sweet rush.

For more information on co co.sala, visit

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She can't orgasm
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