March 10, 2008 - Dance of Passion


Flamenco is the dance of passion and rhythmic expression. Immerse yourself in a celebration of spicy Flamenco dancers dressed in traditional Spanish regalia. Watch them perform intricate hand and arm movements while rhymthmically stomping their feet to the sound of Spanish music.

This type of dancer exudes a level of sexuality, skill and sassiness unmatched by any other dancer. You can experience the passion and expressivity of flamenco dance yourself by attending the Annual Flamenco Festival in London.

The festival is taking place now through March 16 at the Sadler's Wells Theatre. Some of the upcoming performances include "Mujeres," a tribute to the women of flamenco, "Israel Galvan," a contemporary, avant-garde twist on flamenco and "Viva Jerez!" a regional celebration of gypsy flamenco.

The Flamenco Festival London features some of the finest and sexiest artists from across Spain. For more information on this culturally vibrant showcase, visit

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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