March 6, 2008 - Honeymoon: Part II


Rekindle the flame by creating a sequel to your honeymoon. Remember all those long hours you spent under the sun, relaxing in complete ecstasy? Nothing but romance, you and your partner.

Take your second honeymoon to exotic Costa Rica and stay at the incomparable Peace Lodge in Varablanca. This is just an hour's drive from the capital, San Jose. Unlike a monstrous resort, Peace Lodge offers what it advertises: peace (and quiet). There are only 17 rooms in the entire establishment.

If your goal is to outdo your first honeymoon, stay in the deluxe suite complete with a fireplace, a canopy-covered, king-size bed, a terrace to overlook the picturesque grounds and rainforest and a personal jacuzzi built for two.

Wake up to the sounds of chirping birds gathering near the hummingbird feeder just outside your room. Then, share a steamy shower under the waterfall inside the oversized bathroom. Whether you're cuddling by the fireplace, snuggled in your bed, soaking in the outdoor jacuzzi or showering under the waterfall, there's just about no reason to put your clothes on.

On the other hand, if you decide that you're willing to cover up long enough to explore the grounds, you'll be in for another treat. Peace Lodge is attached to Waterfall Gardens.

Right outside your bungalow, you'll find a spectacular aviary with colorful macaws and toucans flying about and taking food right from your hand. Follow the trail to discover five amazing waterfalls, several restaurants and bars, outdoor jacuzzis and pools, free massages and a pleasant staff ready to fill your every need. If you can't make a romantic retreat out of a visit to Peace Lodge, you'd better make an appointment with me!

For more information on the Peace Lodge in Varablanca, Costa Rica, visit

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