February 29, 2008 - Get the Blues


Mosey on up to the bar and order an old favorite. It's happy hour and denim is on tap.

The Blues Jean Bar is a boutique designed to serve you up the perfect pair of blue jeans. It's tough to find good denim these days and you are on the prowl. You don't just want any pair. You want the ones that are going to flatter the derriere.

You're in luck. The Blues Jean Bar has over 40 lines for both men and women laid out along its large, wooden bar. Approach the bar and order from a menu of jeans, choosing the brand, wash, size and style. Jean-tenders will then outfit you in a pair that makes you feel comfortable and sexy.

For an idea of what the perfect pair might be for you, visit BluesJeanBar.com and take the boutique's fit test. Better yet, stop into one of the pub-like shops located in Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and Santa Monica to see for yourself.

For more information on the Blues Jean Bar, visit BluesJeanBar.com.

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She can't orgasm
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