Is Crying During an Orgasm Normal?
ImageI am asking your advice on something because I do not know what else to do.  Please keep this confidential.

My husband was giving me oral sex the other night, normally I will not just "let myself go", I always stop him when I start to get too excited. I do not know why it is, I guess I just feel myself loosing control and don't know what to do with myself so I make him stop.  I think I have only had an orgasm a couple of times.  But that's not the biggest problem. 

While my husband was giving me oral sex, he held my legs down when I started to pull him off of me, I was glad that he did hold my legs down because I was able to orgasm.  The problem is that when I felt like I was about "done" I guess you could say, I felt myself feeling as though I wanted to cry. Then I pushed my husband off of me and told him to "stop", and then I pulled him on me and embraced him into a huge bear hug.  He kept asking if I was okay and kept trying to turn towards me to see my face. I wouldn’t let him because I was crying and I just could not hold it back.  All I could think about was "What is wrong with me?"  Why in the hell would I start crying? I was completely enjoying myself.  My husband got very weird on me after that.  I kept trying to ask him why he was acting that way. Of course he didn’t know what to think because that had never happened to him before.  He finally decided to question whether I have been doing something wrong or not.  I couldn't believe it! I did not and would not ever cheat on my husband.  But he made me feel as though I had been doing something wrong.  I never saw him look at me before the way he did when he thought I was cheating.  I told him that I have not been doing anything wrong.  So why would I have started crying?  I am really scared about my reaction. Have you EVER heard of anyone responding like that.  PLEASE give me some type of advice on why you might think I reacted that way.  I don't know what to do or think.

ImageMany women cry as a result of having an orgasm. Since you haven’t had that many, you haven’t exhibited this before. As you said, you normally stop yourself from losing control, but this time you didn’t, so not only did you have an orgasm, but you cried as well. It does not mean that you cheated or any thing else. It just means that the orgasm triggered a lot of emotions which resulted in your crying.

What you have to do is show your husband this answer. He has to know that he shouldn’t be suspicious just because you cried after having an orgasm and didn’t want to look at him. You both should know that this happens, and you shouldn’t be ashamed if it happens again, and he shouldn’t be suspicious. 

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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