February 22, 2008 - Jump into Spring


Unfortunately, in the professional world, spring break no longer exists. So much for Florida and Cancun. Looks like you're off the hook for hitting the gym to achieve a beach bod by March. Well, think again.

Do your body a favor and make it your personal goal to have a sexy shape by spring. Workouts can become monotonous so here is a completely new way to get fit: The JumpSnap is a ropeless jump rope!

Remember how much fun jumping rope was in grade school? Most definitely a favorite school yard activity. Therefore, the JumpSnap is more like playtime than a workout. So while you're playing, you're also burning 100 calories ever five minutes. Perfect for the professional without a large window of time to sweat.

The JumpSnap also calculates how long you jump, the number of jumps, how many calories you've burned and how much time has elapsed.

Jumping rope is one of the best workouts to burn calories and lose inches, so start working toward your sexiest shape now. Spring is just around the corner.

To purchase a JumpSnap, visit JumpSnap.com/store.

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She can't orgasm
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