February 20, 2008 - Shop in Style


When it comes to revamping your bedroom toy collection, you opt for online shopping. There is just something unglamorous about sneaking into your local sex shop with that nearly burnt-out neon sign, praying nobody you know will see you.

Miami's stylish new sex shop, Sex &..., injects luxury into boudoire toy shopping. Think luxury and glitz over smut.

Shop for pricey bustiers and high-end handcuffs. Then mozy on over to the bubble bar for a flute of champagne. You will be in need of a cool refreshment after perusing all of those steamy, erotic toys.

There is one catch to this enticing emporium: Sex &... is members-only. This is South Beach, after all. The finger-print scanner will identify and then permit only those members who have paid a yearly fee. Owners of Sex &... would like to keep their shop exclusive in order to maintain its oh-so-posh image.

For more information on Sex &..., visit SexAnd.com.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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