Did I orgasm?
ImageI'm 20 and new to sex. My boyfriend and I had been having sex for about three weeks now. We started just before we left college for Christmas vacation. Most of the time, we were exhausted from our busy days, and I didn't think that I had ever experienced an orgasm. However, when I went home, I masturbated with the jets in my bathtub, stimulating my clitoris. It gets really intense. It normally gets to the point where I feel this rush of pleasure, and it feels for a few seconds as if I have to urinate. Obviously since I'm in the bathtub I can't tell if I've gotten wet. But is that an orgasm? How can I tell if I orgasm?

ImageYou’ve described what happened except for one important part: how you felt afterwards. Did you have a feeling of satisfaction? That, of course, if what having an orgasm is all about. Everyone experiences orgasms slightly differently, but if someone feels sexually satisfied afterwards, then that person had an orgasm, no matter what exactly happened. However, if you don’t feel satisfied, then you could be experiencing what is called a missed orgasm, where the orgasm registers in your body, but not your brain and can leave you feeling frustrated. So why don’t you write back and let me know how you feel after you’ve masturbated?

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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