Why am I so itchy?
ImageI've been with my boyfriend for a month now.

We have a great sex life. The problem is he isn’t circumcised. After we have sex, my vagina is very itchy and sore.  Is this because of his penis? I even wash myself after and it still is itchy for a few hours. What can I do?

ImageMaybe cleaning yourself isn’t the answer, but instead you should be making sure that he’s cleaning himself. An uncircumcised man needs to pull back the foreskin when washing so that he makes sure to clean under the skin. Otherwise a substance known as smegma can build up, and that could be what is causing you this itching reaction. Try cleaning his penis thoroughly before you have sex and see if that helps. If it does, then you’ll know the source of the problem and will know that it can be fixed by better hygiene on his part.


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