What is an appropriate age for a woman to get a vibrator?
ImageWhat is an appropriate age for a girl/young woman to get a vibrator? My best friend is thinking of getting one for her 14-year-old daughter in lieu of Birth Control, which I strongly disagree with.
She feels that if her daughter were to satisfy the urges, then her daughter will not have sex.
I’m afraid that her daughter will not be protected from unwanted pregnancies or worse get a disease!

ImageWhile I may not agree with your conclusions, I certainly agree that this woman should not be giving her daughter a vibrator for a number of reasons. First of all, she may not be ready to masturbate. That’s something that only she should be deciding, but if her mother were to give her a vibrator, then she’s going to think that there’s something wrong with her if she doesn’t want to use it, which would not be true. And then if she tried and it didn’t work, it could cause her sexual problems later on. And if she does want to masturbate, she doesn’t need a vibrator to do so. She can use her hand, or rub her body up against some pillows or use a shower massager. The sensations caused by a vibrator are very strong. If a woman gets hooked on those, she may never get sexual satisfaction from a man. So while I advocate vibrators for women who are having problems having orgasms, it would certainly be inappropriate to give one to a 14 year old.  And finally, who’s to say that a vibrator can replace a young man? Just because she might be having orgasms masturbating doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t want the companionship and caresses and love of a boyfriend. So all in all, this is a ridiculous idea and please show this mother my response so that hopefully she doesn’t implement this plan of hers.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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