Do I have to go on the pill?
ImageI am engaged to be married. Yay! I am thinking of going on the pill as I wanted to wait a bit for having kids. My fiance says that I can go on the pill if I wish. Is there any point of going on the pill if we are drinking wine? I don't feel like I should make him wear condoms just so I don't have to use the pill. It wouldn't be horrible if I did get pregnant sooner, but I want to have the bonding time with my new husband before having a baby. I need some advice and I am hoping you can help me.

ImageAs far as I know, drinking alcohol will not affect the efficacy of the birth control pill. Because the birth control pill is more effective at preventing pregnancy than the condom, the odds of you becoming pregnant unintentionally are higher if you use condoms. But certainly if you use condoms carefully, you can keep the odds of having an accident fairly low. Judging from what you’ve written, I would say that you’re not really ready to have a child, so my advice is to use some method of birth control and wait until you’re married and really ready to have a child to stop.

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