I Am in An Arranged Marriage Nightmare
ImageMy husband and I have been growing apart for very long time because he is very cold person.

He does not know how to show his feelings towards me or any other member of the family or anyone else for the matter regardless what I do or where it doesnít matter to him.<span> </span>Number one he is 60 years old now and I&#39;m 50, he has been like this for the past 20 years, He claims that he is tired and goes right to sleep at this point I give up Instead of him been more aggressive in our situation he should make an effort to improve hour marriage instead it&#39;s going down faster and faster.<span> </span>You might say what situation, well when I married this man I never got the chance to get to know him and love him.<span> </span>Instead there was never love between us it was arranged marriage that I never learn to love him not only that but he as been the meanest man I have known towards me or others no sense of humor. Therefore love now is out of question. In your opinion what should I do in more conservative way since I&#39;m very unhappy for very long time?

ImageSome arranged marriages can work, but obviously yours wasnít one of them. Since you donít love him, and he doesnít love you, there really doesnít seem to be anything holding you to this man except inertia. Maybe heíd like to leave you also, but feels guilty, as I guess you do. From my vantage point, it seems as if you might both be better off if you got a divorce.

If you still canít make up your mind, then I suggest that you see a marital therapist. Discuss what has been happening for the last 20 years with the therapist and see what he or she recommends knowing the full story.

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