I am finally out of an abusive relationship, but my sex drive is completely gone!
ImageI am 43 years old, divorced for the better (left a once-life threatening, abusive relationship), and have a college degree.

Life for me is about the best it has ever been. I am healthy, happy, and passionately active in music and theatre and have been able to move on. I just have no sex drive whatsoever. Zilch. Is this normal?Some people ask me if I'm a lesbian. I tell them no--I'm just celibate. I'll be honest here---past sexual experiences have been painful and very unpleasant for me. I have seen my gynecologist over this past year and all was fine on the inside. I'm just hesitant about dating and sex. I'm certainly not going to walk into a bar and throw myself on the first guy I see sitting alone!

My burning question: Is having no sex drive whatsoever a sign of pre-menopause, or something possibly more serious, like thyroid problems? My family has a history, and although I have tested negative for hyper- or hypothyroid diseases, I'd like to do what preventative steps I can in remaining healthy in addition to walking daily. I don't know anybody intimately enough to have sex with. I haven't had intercourse for over six years. I'd hate for this to be "it", sexually, for me. What are your suggestions? Do you get questions like mine from many women in my age group? Do men our age ever experience these feelings?

ImageThere are people of every age who go through dry spells, so this doesnt have to be it as you put it. My advice to you is to stop worrying about your lack of sex drive and to think more about whether or not youd like a relationship. In my opinion, if you were to find someone to love, then your sex drive would come back. So the basic question is, are you satisfied not having a special someone to share your life with, maybe because youre so busy, or not? If you would like to be in love, then you should do whatever it takes to find the right person. Eventually the relationship will turn sexual, and my guess is that youll be quite ready for it. But I can certainly understand that youre not eager to have a one-night stand with someone you meet at a bar, especially coming out of an abusive relationship. Youre going to want to make sure that the next person you have sex with is a caring and loving human being, and thats how it should be. So switch your focus and then see what happens.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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