Is Online Chatting Cheating?

ImageWhen a husband chats on-line with another woman, is that cheating?

ImageThe answer is all a matter of degree. If he were to talk with your next door neighbor once in a while, would he be cheating? Or with a woman at the office? It’s no different with chatting on line. If he chats with her every day for a long time, and they discuss very intimate matters, and if the time he spends chatting with her takes away from time he’d normally spend talking to you, then I’d say absolutely he was cheating. But if he does it once a week for ten minutes, I’d say no that is definitely not cheating. Exactly where the line is between cheating and not cheating depends on many factors, but on-line chatting, per se, is not cheating. 

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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