If the chemistry between us is so great, why won't he have sex wtih me?
ImageI have been dating an amazing guy for three months. The chemistry between us is out of this world and we are both very attracted to one another. The problem is that he won't have sex with me. We do everything, but and when the subject comes up, he always has an excuse. Some of them have been: he doesn't have a condom (to which I say that I do and he avoids it), he is paranoid about diseases (but we still have oral sex), or its just "hard for him." He does not have any penis problems and I know he is not cheating on me. What do you think could be the problem here?

ImageThe problem in answering your question is that there could be a dozen different answers and its impossible to tell what is actually going on based only on what youve told me. But without being able to give you a specific answer, I would have to say that many of the potential answers are not going to lead to a good outcome to this relationship. So I think you should be concerned about the long-term potential of this guy. And if thats the case, and if you dont want to waste months and maybe years of your life in a sexless relationship, then you need to either get to the bottom of this and find out whats really going on, or move on.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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