Why won't my partner allow me to please her?
ImageMy girlfriend just recently broke up with me. She said one of the reasons being was that I was unable to come all the time. We were only going out for two months. I lost my virginity to her on our first date, and out of those two months I only came a couple of times. She also put me down about the size of my penis. She told me it was the smallest she has ever seen. I feel depressed right now because of how things went between us and I am still wondering why I couldn't finish in the bedroom. What do you suppose is the problem? Do many guys have this problem in the bedroom? Please help.

ImagePerhaps not many, but it is a problem encountered by men, and its psychological in nature. And judging from your description, Im not surprised that you would encounter a psychological problem when having sex with her. She seems to be quite a nasty person and being in bed with someone like that is certainly not going to be all that pleasant an experience, psychologically if not physically.

Because this is a psychological issue, if you go into the next relationship with the same worries, then those worries can cause you to have the problem again. So my advice is to find a girlfriend who is sweeter and more accepting, and then youll have an easier time overcoming this issue because you wont be quite so nervous.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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