Is it normal for my husband to wear my bracelets while masturbating?
ImageI am wondering if it's normal for a husband to wear my bracelets while he is masturbating. I came home early one day and found him wearing one on each wrist. He said it was for a visual and that he was pretending it was my hand. I have also caught him wearing my underwear that I have already worn. Please help! I don't know if I should be worried or what. Thanks.


ImageId never heard of that, wearing a partners bracelet to make it appear that she was doing the masturbation, but it sounds like a reasonable idea. I dont use the word normal, because what is normal for one person is abnormal for another, but I dont think his behavior is in any way something to be worried about, assuming youre satisfied with your sex life overall. If the two of you have sex often enough to please you and keep you sexually satisfied, and he needs more orgasms and gets them by masturbating, then all is well. The fact that he needs an article of your clothing or a piece of your jewelry to help him get aroused is not a problem. But if hes masturbating instead of having sex with you, then that is something that needs tending to.

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She can't orgasm
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