I am a virgin. Should I give in to my boyfriend's requests for sex?
ImageI really love my boyfriend and I'm a virgin, but he wants to have sex with me. I'm afraid to do so. I'm 17 and sometimes I really get sexually frustrated. Sometimes I really want to feel his penis right inside of me. A lot of times I get wet and horny, wanting sex, but I'm afraid to give in, so please can you help me out? Must I have sex with him or should I wait a little longer?

ImageIm not happy to hear that he is pressuring you to have sex. Thats not a good sign. If he really loved you, he wouldnt do that. If I were you, Id be somewhat afraid that if you did have sex with him, that he would just leave and go find someone else. Sorry, but when someone pressures another person, that isnt a very good sign.

That said, there are certainly ways of satisfying each other sexually that arent intercourse, or even oral sex. You can masturbate each other or rub up against each other with your clothes on until you have orgasms, and that would take away some of the sexual tension. If youre not 100% sure about engaging in intercourse, whatever your age, then you shouldnt do it. And you should never make that decision just because you feel the sexual tension, which can be relieved in other ways, but only when the relationship is at a point where having sex is right for the two people involved, which in your case it is not.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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