Could I be a lesbian?
ImageI am 24 years old and have always been attracted to men. Recently though, my best friend (who is a female) and I were away on vacation and basically made out. It went no further than kissing and some breast fondling. She was married before and is always talking about men, so I am sure that this encounter really meant nothing to her. But, I am a virgin and have been thinking a lot about it. Is this normal? I am not attracted to any other women at all. Does this make me a lesbian?

ImageA lesbian is only attracted to women. That doesnt mean that she only has sex with women, or even ever had sex with a woman. If a woman is having sex with a man but needs to fantasize about having sex with a woman in order to become aroused, even if shes never had sex with a woman, then she is a lesbian. But what happened to you does not make you a lesbian. Maybe the two of you had a little too much to drink and so something took place that might not otherwise have happened. In any case, youre not a lesbian and you neednt worry about what took place.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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