My Marriage is Falling Apart

ImageMy marriage is on the rocks. It seems all we do is fight.  We have been married for 5 years. He is an alcoholic and irresponsible. Sometimes we are very compatible but on the other hand it is going down hill. He is disabled because of being drunk and falling off an 18' ladder. We have a small child and he is very jealous. He usually takes our fights out on him. What can I do to save this marriage? I am really considering an affair. I know that is not the answer. Please give me some suggestions on what to do. 

ImageYou are right to say that having an affair is not the answer. Now it’s possible that this marriage can’t be saved. That he is an alcoholic is a very big problem. Unless he is willing to do something about that, you may have to leave him, particularly if he is taking his anger out on your child.

I would recommend you contact a local chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous and talk to a counselor. See if they can’t help you to get through to your husband, or recommend somebody who can. If your husband refuses to get help, then as I said, you may have to leave. It’s admirable that you want to save your marriage, but you do have a little boy to consider. 

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