Does age matter?
ImageI am 37 years old and have not been in a relationship in three years. I recently met a young man and he is 23 years old. We get along great and have a lot of things in common. We have not had intercourse, but we have made out. The chemistry is definitely there, but I have never had sex with someone way younger than me. Do you think age matters? Should I go along with the passion or not get involved with him? I have not felt what I feel with him for a long time. Thank you, Dr. Ruth.

ImageMy philosophy is to answer the questions Im sent to help the person asking it, but in your case Im going to make somewhat of an exception. I dont see that much of a downside in you having a sexual relationship with this young man. You havent had one in a while, and he makes you very excited. Youre at an age when you should be looking to get married, but you didnt say whether youd ever had been married or had children, so I dont know all the facts. But I do know that a 23-year old should be with people his own age. He has things to experience and he needs to be with other people his age to do that. So I dont think its fair to him. Now this is all a matter of opinion, you understand. Theres no law that says youre too old or hes too young. It could work out fine. But you asked me, and so Ive told you what I think. Now its up to you to decide, but the fact that youre hesitating, enough so to have written to me, makes me think that deep down you agree with me.

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She can't orgasm
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