My Boyfriend Won't Stop Passing Gas Around Me

ImageI know my question will either make you laugh or disgust you. My boyfriend of three years (we are both in our early 40's) passes gas and belches around me, of course he always says "excuse me", but I still find this a big turn-off. He says I should take this as a compliment that he loves me very much and feels comfortable enough around me to do this.

The first two years of our relationship, he would either hold it in, go downstairs or into the bathroom, but not anymore. We both agreed to write and ask your opinion, have you ever heard of this before?

ImageThis is an issue that comes up in most relationships and how it is solved depends on the people involved. It’s similar to the question of whether you would urinate or defecate in front of a partner. To some people it’s no big deal while others would find it horrifying. 

Passing gas, from either end, is a perfectly natural phenomenon. In fact I read that in Holland the National Liver and Intestine Foundation had a campaign to encourage people to pass gas at least 15 times a day because attempts to hold it in are unnatural and can cause medical complications. However, how we are brought up, does affect us, and if you were raised in a family where such behavior wasn’t acceptable and it really bothers you, you should try to reach some sort of compromise. He could try to limit this activity in front of you, and you shouldn’t complain when it does happen. 

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