Why have I lost my interest in sex?
ImageIt's been about three months since Ive lost my passion for sex, no matter what the day/time/situation. As a matter of fact, when my boyfriend wants to have sex, I immediately want to sleep. I have thought possibly this could be from an abortion I had two years ago or stress. I would like some options put out there for me so I can solve this.


ImageMy guess is that youre looking at this as a sexual problem when in fact its a relationship problem. Yes it could be a fear of having to undergo another abortion, but if youre taking every precaution to prevent an unintended pregnancy, that risk is minimal, and since it seems you were desirous of having sex in between the abortion and three months ago, it doesnt seem likely that the abortion is the cause of your problem. Stress could be a factor, but you didnt mention that you were under a lot more stress now than you were three months ago. The one thing you did say was that when your boyfriend approached you for sex, you have no interest. Thats why I say its the relationship that is the real source of your lack of desire. Analyze your relationship and see if you cant spot whats behind your loss of libido. If you really cant, then you should go to see a counselor.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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