Is My Vagina Blocked?
ImageI've been a widow for the past 3 years and just began a relationship with a wonderful man. I'm 57 and he's 60. The first time we had sex it hurt. I was very much aroused and wet. He was only able to go so far in me but it seemed like there was a barrier that couldn't be broken! The second time was a little better but the barrier was still there. Is this normal? Does the saying "practice makes perfect" mean just that in my case? Do you have any solutions?


ImageFirst of all, you might have thought you were as lubricated as in the past, but werent, at least not sufficiently so to allow for penetration. So the first thing you should do is get some lubricant and see if that does the trick.

If it doesnt, then the problem may be that you are a bit nervous about having sex, or maybe guilty because you still feel loyal to your deceased husband, and so are unconsciously tightening your vaginal muscles. But since the lubricant might help with that also, try using a lubricant and see what happens. If youre still having difficulties after a week or so of trying with the lubricant, then you should make an appointment to see a sex therapist.
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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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