Should We Live Together Before Tying the Knot
ImageI have heard that the chances of divorce are higher for couples who live together before marriage. Is this true? What are your thoughts on the topic?


ImageIve read that statistic too and while statistics are sometimes useful, they can also be misread, and may not always fit the facts of any individuals circumstances. My guess is that couples who dont live together before getting married tend to be more conservative and so less likely to divorce. For example, they may be more religious and their religion may frown on divorce and so theyre more likely to stick it out, though it doesnt mean they are any happier. But while I would take this statistic with a grain of salt from that point of view, I do think it has validity from the opposite point of view. There are people who believe that by living with another person before marriage, they can figure out whether or not they are truly compatible. What this statistic shows is that this doesnt work. It might work, but theres no guarantee, so if any of you were thinking that living together was a good trial run for a potential marriage, now you know that it isnt. In my opinion the best way to ensure that a marriage stays healthy is not to test it out, but to work at it as much as possible. If you try to keep the romance alive and keep boredom out of your lives, then I think any couple can survive. But if you place your marriage second, or third or even lower on the scale of importance, then any marriage can die out, whether you lived together or not.


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