Is There A 'Fix-It' Kit To Achieve Orgasms?
ImageI have been in my relationship with my boyfriend for a little over three years. We love each other and he is such a wonderful guy. However, we are planning to get married next year and I cant keep myself from wondering if he will ever get tired of me and what I have to offer him. He is not the type of person to cheat and if I am away for a long time he would masturbate to my picture. But there is a more serious problem. When we have sex I dont feel any pleasure at all. He would use his hands, perform oral sex, and any type of foreplay, I will get aroused and the only pleasure that I feel is when he is going inside. I really dont want to disappoint him or make him think that he is doing something wrong. But I still haven't told him, I was hoping to be able to fix it with out him knowing. Please help me.


ImageIf I understand you correctly, youre not having orgasms from sex with your boyfriend. Have you ever had orgasms, either with other men or during masturbation? If its just this boyfriend who cant seem to arouse you sufficiently to have an orgasm, then you should see a therapist to see if you can understand why. There may be something about the relationship that your subconscious is sensing but youre not. If youve never been able to have orgasms, then you need to learn how. Only after you can figure out what gives you an orgasm will you be able to teach your boyfriend what to do. If you can learn to have orgasms, your sex life will improve and you wont have to worry about him getting tired of you. But if you enter the marriage already having problems with your sex life, then this concern will have more validity.


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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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