How Can He Be Getting Married Right After We Broke Up?
ImageI was with someone on and off for almost five years.


We professed our undying love for each other, and I really did feel we were meant to be together, and would be when we could. About six months ago it was over for good, mostly due to distance, his lack of money to visit me, not having a decent ride, etc. yet I just found out he is getting married next month. How can he go from relationship to relationship so quickly? (He was married and left his wife for me). Is he so afraid to be alone? What was I thinking???


ImageIm not sure that I agree that he went from relationship to relationship so quickly. You may have thought that the reason you werent seeing him so often was because of his lack of money or whatever but maybe the real reason is that he was seeing this other woman. For all you know, that relationship may have been going on for years. As to what you were thinking, Im not sure. Long-distance relationships are always problematic. If its for a set period, thats one thing. But your long-distance relationship seemed open ended. That was the relationships Achilles heel. He was tired of not being able to see you regularly and so someone else entered his life who was more accessible. Clearly he was looking for a committed relationship, thought hed found it with you, but when it wasnt coming together, he moved on. Id recommend staying away from men who dont live close by, but if you do get into that situation again, make sure its only for a brief time.

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