Help With Having Sex
ImageWheres a womans vagina hole?

My boyfriend and I both didn't know and couldnt
have sex...because we couldnt find the hole. HELP SOS.

ImageIf the two of you dont know where the entrance to your vagina is, then youre definitely not ready to have sex and I, for one, am glad that you couldnt figure it out. There are many potential consequences to having sex, such as causing an unintended pregnancy, and the two of you need to study up a bit more before you begin having sex. I would suggest two things. First get yourselves a copy of my book, Sex For Dummies, and read as much of it as applies to you so that you understand the basics. Then get a flashlight and a mirror and do some exploring of your genitals. You might want to do it by yourself first, and then you could show your boyfriend. Pull apart your vaginal lips and using the mirror and flashlight, see whats underneath and locate the hole, as well as your clitoris, which is the seat of a womans pleasure. Its not that complicated, especially once you have a book that will explain to you what you are looking for.

You didnt say how old you are, but please think carefully about proceeding with having sex after youve gotten the geography down. You have an entire lifetime to have sex so theres no need to rush. And if you do go ahead, then absolutely make sure that you are protected by using a condom or some other means of birth control. (Let me add right here, in case you try again before educating yourselves, that the pull out method is not effective.)

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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