He is Afraid I May Leave Him for Her
ImageI am a 19 year old bisexual girl.

Ive been with my 26 year old boyfriend for quite some time now. Ive brought up the issue of wanting to bring another female into the bedroom. One of his past girlfriend's was bi also and left him for another woman. I could never do that but how to I get him to believe me. Im ready for a threesome but I want him to be too. Any advice on how to get him to trust me and maybe have the threesome I have been wanting.

ImageYou could swear now that youd never leave him, but theres absolutely no guarantee that thats true. You could bring some woman into the relationship, fall in love with her and that would be that. I always advise couples not to bring a third party into a relationship for that reason, but I certainly dont need to tell him that since it already happened to him. Whether it was with another woman or a man, the bottom line is that you no longer want this to be a monogamous relationship, and he wants to keep it monogamous. So if youre not satisfied with him, the only fair thing you can do is break up. Once youre out of the relationship, youd be free to date whomever you wanted to date. But if you want to stay together, then hes perfectly entitled to require that this be an exclusive relationship.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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