Are the Conflicting Schedules Stopping Sex?
Image I have a situation here with my wife.

We have been married now for almost 2 years. Since then our times for having sex has diminished. She has very bad sleep patterns whereas when I go to bed she is up anywhere from 1 hour to several hours later and therefore when she does come to bed I am asleep.
I have tried modifying my sleep patterns but then I wind up being tired the next day. She naps in the morning after dropping our son off at school. She then gets up and resumes her day. Don't know what to do. She is unwilling to change her pattern. She will not seek help either. I guess I have to resign myself to the fact that we are not going to have much sex at all!

Image Sorry to report but your problem has nothing to do with her sleep patterns. If she wanted to have sex, she could go to bed with you when you go to bed, have sex, and then get up while you drift off to sleep. So theres something else that is causing her to avoid having sex with you. In fact, she may be staying up late in order to avoid having sex.

To me this sounds like a relationship problem. I think shes upset at you over something, though I cant guess what it is. Or there could be another reason. But you have to look beyond her sleep patterns and talk to her about why she doesnt want to have sex. Dont be accusatory, but instead tell her that youre willing to change so that you can heal the relationship. In fact, dont make the discussion about sex at all, but rather keep it to the relationship, because if you can make those changes, your sex life will pick up automatically.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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