Jealous of The Past?
ImageI have been married to my wife for almost 16 years. And old high school boyfriend was in town for a couple of days.

My wife and the friend were in contact by email for 2 days. I did not know anything about it until I went in to my wifes email and saw some of the emails that she sent to him. I did not see the emails that this person sent to her but from reading her emails I could tell some of them were not appropriate for me to have seen. I brought it up to her and a big fight started and I have not talked to her in 2 days. I am not concerned that anything happened because I am 100% sure nothing happened but I am really pissed off. I feel I have been betrayed by my wife of 16 years. How can she let someone who she has not talked to or seen in years talk to her like that? Can you give me any ideas on how to handle this before I decide to walk out?

ImageIf your high school flame was coming back to town and sent you a flirtatious e-mail that kicked off all sort of fantasies in your head and you answered back in a flirtatious/playful way, would you go running to your wife to tell her? She loved getting these compliments. Shes 16 years older, her life with you is undoubtedly much more settled and this brought back a rush of memories of a very exciting time in her life. Was she right? No. But are you right to blow this up into something that youd leave her for? No. We all like to fantasize. We all try to remove ourselves from our humdrum day-to-day existence. This fantasy has a bit too much reality to it because this guy was coming back to town. And while he may still think of himself as a Lothario, he could be bald and with a pot belly and if your wife actually saw him, the daydream would pop. In my opinion you should have overlooked this to begin with, but it would be really foolish to destroy your marriage over it. Unless the relationship has really eroded and theres not much of a relationship left to begin with. Thats another story. But if this is all there is to it, put it out of your mind and try to repair the damage. Your pride may be hurt, but not so much so that its worth throwing away your marriage over it.

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