The Truth About Viagra?

ImageDoes an older man, 63, need Viagra to achieve orgasm when masturbating.

ImageYour question shows lots of misconceptions about Viagra, and the other pills that do the same thing, and since Im sure youre not alone among my readers to have such questions, let me see if I can set you straight, though Im sorry that Im not going to be able to give you a yes or no answer.

The aim of these drugs is to give a man an erection if he cannot obtain it on his own. But if a man does have problems with erectile dysfunction and takes Viagra, that doesnt mean that hell have an erection. He also has to have the desire. So if you are having difficulties having erections, but but erotica makes you feel aroused, psychologically if not physically, then Viagra could help you to masturbate. But Viagra has nothing to do with helping a man have orgasms. That is a function of the libido, the sex drive. So if youre having erections and masturbating but not having orgasms, then Viagra is not the answer. The best thing you could do would be to consult with a urologist. Since these drugs are not appropriate for every man, for medical reasons, you should never try to take them on your own without first getting a prescription following a medical exam. Erectile difficulties can be the first signs of cardiovascular problems, and if a man needs to take other drugs to deal with those issues, Viagra may then be dangerous. So while Im happy to offer whatever information I can on this site, in some circumstances, and I think you fit the bill, the best thing you can do to get your questions answered is to see a physician.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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