Where Did His Desire Go?
Hi Im 39 year old, my husband is 55 we've been married almost 5 months.

I beginning to feel like I've lost all desire for sex, like Im turned off and I don't know what to do about it.
I've known my husband 3 years and he's a wonderful man and I love him dearly, It's like he's forgotten all the things that turn me on. It's like all he wants to do is stab me with sex toys ,and pleasure is out of the question... Im just needing some insight here.

ImageIts sad that so many women are willing to blame themselves for their partners mistakes. You havent lost all desire for sex; hes taken that desire from you because all hes thinking about are his desires. Have you told him this or are you just putting up with his behavior silently? If you havent told him, then its time you did, but do it outside of the bedroom and pick a time and place where you have enough time and plenty of privacy to really have an in depth discussion. If youve brought this up and he hasnt responded, then try one more time, perhaps a bit more forcefully, and if that doesnt work, make an appointment to see a therapist. If he wont agree to go with you, you go alone. That will send him a loud and clear message that you are serious about this. The therapist should then be able to help guide you on what you should do next.

That you wrote to me was very important because it was the first step in acknowledging your problem. Now you must see this through and deal with it. In all probability you can get your desire for sex back by getting him to change. But if he wont, then maybe something else will have to change. But dont put up with the present condition.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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