Why Can't He Make Up His Mind?
ImageMy boyfriend and I have been dating for about 9 months now and we are starting to argue more.

He really gets on my nerves because he would say for example he doesn't like ice skating then in the middle of the week he tells me that he is going ice skating with some friends. I say to him that I thought he didn't like to Ice skate and he wouldn't go with me. He said that he tried it and he likes it now. I asked him to go with me to meet my cousin because she had some stuff of my deceased dad. He said no I don't want to get involved. He always says he doesn't like something then he turns around later and says he likes it. He said his father won't let him leave the house this week end and now he says he can see me this week end. He told me that he couldn't leave the house all weekend and then I found out he went to the mall. How am I suppose to cope with this indecisive person. I tried to ignore what he says then I start questioning everything he says. Please help.

ImageYou didnt state your age, but Im assuming youre in your teens. At that age, you, and your boyfriend, are still developing. Most teens dont know what they want yet. They do change their minds because theyre still growing. And they are also more likely to be driven by peer pressure, which is why when his friends wanted to go ice skating, he decided that hed go too.

I dont know how serious your relationship is. Sometimes, at your age, its OK to be in a relationship thats not a perfect fit because youre both learning what its like to be dating. It might be better not to be dating someone you were very much in love with because you have so many other things happening in your life that you need time for, like studying and being with your girlfriends. On the other hand, if he really annoys you, if youre a lot more mature than he is (which often happens to girls as they mature faster than boys) then maybe its not worth being boyfriend and girlfriend and you should break up.

Youve probably heard the expression love is blind. Sometimes a young person falls very deeply in love with someone else who has real problems, but that person refuses to recognize the others problems because theyre blinded by their love. Thats when you can get really hurt. But I dont see that in your case, and as I said, I think thats a good thing. So weigh your options, but whatever you do, dont get too upset by all of this.

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