Is It Too Late To Find Love?

ImageI'm a 41-year-old woman and still a virgin (yes we do exist!!). More than that, I have never been in any sort of a romantic relationship, no kissing, no anything.

I had a kind of strict (stifling) upbringing, am naturally shy, and also spent a long time caring for ill/dying grandparents and parents. I'm alone in the world now and am tired of being alone. My question is, is it too late for me to find a man, given my inexperience in physical matters? And would it be possible in this day and age to find someone to go slow and be patient with me? These days so many people just jump into bed so fast and I know I couldn't do that.

ImageIt’s most certainly not too late to find a man, but I’m not sure if you should also put so many restrictions on him. Most men around your age have had one or more relationships. They might be willing to be a bit patient, but they might not be willing to accommodate your every need. I’m not telling you to jump into bed with the first man who asks you out on your first date. But I am telling you not to appear too needy. Sex, and the preliminaries like kissing and hugging, aren’t all that complicated, otherwise we’d never have made it as a species. You can ask a man to slow down somewhat, but I don’t know that you should reveal how inexperienced you are and ask too much from him. Women don’t have to do all that much in the initial stages of a sexual relationship as it’s the man who is supposed to take the lead. So if you find someone you really like, and who likes you, maybe you need to go with the flow a little bit. Again, I’m not saying to give up your virginity just to get it over with. All I’m saying is not to make such a big deal about your inexperience that you scare a good man away. If you and some man hit it off, emotionally and intellectually, then I’m sure that you won’t have any problems sexually. Now you could get very lucky and find just the man you’re looking for who’ll enjoy being your guide, and that would be wonderful. But just because a man doesn’t fit into the suit of shining armor you have in your closet doesn’t automatically make him the wrong man for you. I’m just cautioning you not to put too much of a burden on this potential man so that you don’t needlessly scare someone away who could make a good partner.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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