How Can I Convince Him I'm Not Cheating?

ImageMy husband is a very observant man, he likes to analyze things. Over the past 2 yrs or so, he's started to question my being faithful. It's not a regular conversation, but it does come up every few months. He now wants to meet w/ a sex therapist to get some answers to things he's noticed during intercourse such as: he says the "foreskin" in my vagina isn't noticeable anymore during intercourse & thinks its because of my having an affair w/ someone who has a larger penis.

I would like to know if there's another medical reason for this. Also he says that he knows my body very well, but that he noticed a "different" odor during foreplay recently and feels that it may be related to a condom or other types of sexual behavior outside the marriage. I cant get him to believe that I am being faithful, but I can’t explain why these things are happening. We are working on 18 yrs. together but he may leave me. He will only accept the advise of an expert. Please help!

ImageYou know what my gut instinct is on reading your question? I think he’s having an affair and is trying to throw you off the scent by pretending that he thinks you’re having an affair. Is there any possibility of this? Have his actions changed? Does he come home late more often than he used to? Or have sex with you less often? Everything he is saying seems so calculated and petty. They’re strange charges and so hard to refute. And if he’s threatening to leave you over such petty “changes” in your anatomy after 18 years, I have to wonder what is really going on here. Think about this possibility and let me know what, if anything, you discover.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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