He Broke my Heart, But I Still Want Him!
ImageI have been with my boyfriend for three years now and he recently sprung on me that we should have a break so that he could "find out what he wants" for himself. It was a complete shock to me and I was extremely distraught over this. I had no idea of his doubts and now I am more confused because while he was "breaking up" with me he was crying and kept holding my hand and telling me he still loved me but needed to make up his own mind himself.

We ended up lying on the couch and became quite intimate with each other but I stopped it because it occurred to me that this might not be the best thing to do. It would have made the situation much more confusing than it already was. But I really really wanted to have sex with him. So I told him that he have this break of his and after a fortnight I would come over and see if we still felt the same. It has been 5 days since that encounter. And a part of me wants our relationship back so badly, but then the other half tells me to snap out of it! So what I wanted to ask you is this. Is it ok to still have sex with someone who broke your heart?

ImageI’m not sure you asked the right question. You were right not to have sex with him, and you should not until this situation is clarified. But your question should be whether or not you want to get back together, not whether you should have sex. I suppose you have to wait to see what happens when you have your little “tete a tete” but I can’t say that he sounds like the right person for you. He’s certainly a little unstable, since he was crying when he told you he needed a break and said that he loved you. Maybe you’re not telling me the whole story, but this doesn’t make sense. So either there’s more to this than I can gather, or, as I said, he’s somewhat unstable. If that’s the case and you do get back together, who knows what he’ll do next? So maybe you’d be better off getting over him and finding someone else. But only you can decide that and two weeks is not such a long time so wait and see what happens.
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She can't orgasm
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