Is This Relationship Over?
Image Recently, I went to a dance bar with my boyfriend. We decided to leave early and on the way out, I went to the restroom. I assumed he would wait for me by the exit door.
When I came out of the RR, I could not see him anywhere and I just waited around for awhile until I spotted him leaning against the wall near the RR. He was not there when I came out of the RR and we argued about it. He walked to my car with me to get his cell phone then he stormed through the parking lot to walk home (about 25 miles). I called him on his phone and asked him to come back however he just argued with me saying that I called him a liar and then he hung up on me. I called him again and then he came back to the car. I drove him home and dropped him off at his front door. Now, 2 days later he called me several times and left messages, asking why I am so mad at him and why do I want to wreck our relationship? I returned his call trying to maintain a low key and calm response when he said I called him a liar.
He says he cares about me a lot and wants to keep our relationship but he kept yelling at me saying that I was calling him a liar. He said I could call him in a week if I still wanted to go out with him and he would glady go out with me. I told him to call me back when he calmed down and I said good bye and hung up. Another day has gone by and he has not called me. I don't understand why he thinks I am mad at him and why he says I am calling him a liar. It seems to me he was the one that got upset and angry but he is twisting the story around to make me look like the bad person. Does he really want to end the relationship or is he just playing games?

ImageIím not sure if youíre both playing games. Why have an argument about where he was when you came out of the rest room? I canít imagine what there would be to say about that. You didnít see him, maybe someone was standing in front of him, and so what was there to argue about? You both sound rather immature. If you love him, stop this ďfightĒ right now. Tell him youíre sorry for whatever happened, and donít worry about whose fault it is, and get the relationship back to the way it was. If you donít love him, if you have doubts about the relationship, then maybe this is the time to end it. That I canít say. But donít keep fighting over such nonsense, and donít play the blame game. If he hasnít called you, call him. Either repair the damage, if heís worth it, or let him go. And if you do get back together and thereís another such incident over nothing, then definitely move on. Then it wouldnít matter if it was his fault or your fault, but only that the two of you are suited to each other
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She can't orgasm
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