Is My Internet Romance Real?
ImageDr. Ruth, a girl found me off a website for singles. We started communicating by way of email. This has gone on for about 2 weeks now.

The girl lives in Russia.  I enjoy the letters she sends me, and of course I write back.  She is getting her registration papers together in Moscow. Ok, my question, she is asking me for $400 to help her come to the USA so we can meet. Should I help her, or do you think this is some sort of scam? Isn't it strange she is looking for love in the USA , and has picked me?

ImageOf course it’s strange. And I’m sure you’re not the only one. She’s probably trying as many men as she can until she finds someone she can dupe into getting her to America. Then she’ll try to sweet talk that person into marrying her and as soon as she becomes a citizen, she’ll be off and running. That is, assuming this isn’t a complete scam and she’s actually some man with three-day stubble who wants only your $400. Please don’t fall for this.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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