Is My Daughter Masturbating Too Much?

Image My 22 year old daughter still lives at home.  I have heard her late at night masturbating, and having more orgasms than I ever had in one night. On the serious side my question is, is it normal for young women to masturbate and is there a downside? Also I would like to talk to her about it, But I do not know how to start up the conversation and what to say to her.  First of all I feel she is disrespecting her Father and I, by her doing it when we are home. Her Father is always asleep so he has never heard her and I am concerned that if he does he will be angry and will tell her to pack her bags and get out.  I want my daughter to understand, that it is not good to masturbate so often to where she can get addicted or ruin her relationship with her boyfriends.  As far as I know She has not had sex with a male only phone sex. I appreciate all the advice you give me.

ImageIt appears that she is masturbating when she believes that you are both asleep, so it seems to me that she is showing the respect you ask for. I don’t know that I would agree that respect is the right word, but she is certainly not flaunting her masturbation. Assuming that she’s not masturbating so much that she doesn’t have time for work and have a social life, then there’s no problem with masturbating, even if it’s nightly, which from what you say is not the case with your daughter.

In my opinion, she is entitled to her privacy in this matter. I know she is living under your roof, but that shouldn’t mean that she has to remain sexually frustrated.  If this really bothers you, or if you’re a light sleeper, then I suggest you get some ear plugs and keep them by the side of the bed.  I don’t think you should talk to her about this, any more than she should talk to you about your sex life.  If she had a boyfriend and they were having sex, that would be a different story, but since all she’s doing is masturbating to relieve her own sexual frustration, in my opinion that is her right.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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