Am I Too Young To Masturbate?
Image Hi Dr. Ruth, I am going to be 13 in May and I recently started my period. A little while before that I started to masturbate. Is that normal?

Also, I have been dreaming about having sex and I want to have sex so bad, but I also want to wait. What should I do so I can keep sex off my mind and do you have any other information about other kids like me wanting to have sex at my age? What can I do? Thank you so much Dr. Ruth. I have been all over the web looking for someone to answer my questions about sex.

ImageThat masturbation and menstruation should arrive close to each other makes sense because the changes your body are going through affect you mentally, which is why you have the urge to masturbate, and physically, which is why you started your period. In other words, you are becoming an adult, but it doesn't happen all at once so the pieces fall into place one at a time. First, perhaps, your breasts may have started to develop; then you started getting pubic hair and hair under your arms; and the size and shape of your vagina changed, as it went from that of a little girl to that of a woman.

As to the desire for sex, masturbation is one way of curbing that desire. Instead of staying sexually frustrated, if you have an orgasm when you masturbate, that will calm those urges for a while. Remember, you are not yet an adult. Having sex with another individual is very complicated. I don't necessarily mean the actual sex act, but all the emotional side effects that come from being in a relationship. At your age you're better off spending your time studying and hanging out with your friends, of both sexes, rather than becoming part of a couple. So my advice is to have a little patience, and to continue to masturbate to curb your sexual urges.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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